La vita, a volte- è strano: ci sembra di tenerla in pugno come il filo di un aquilone,
invece sono degli estranei a riportarcela indietro, come un ombrello dimenticato in un caffè.


I don't know you
And you don't know the half of it
I had a starring role
I was the bad guy who walked out
They said be careful where you aim
'Cause where you aim you just might hit
You can hold onto something so tight
You've already lost it
Dragging me down
That's not the way it used to be
You can't even remember
What I'm trying to forget
Da "La disfida dei dollari", di Carl Barks.

/IMG_6791.jpgAll inizio del matrimonio agitatissimi tutti e tre! ---->

"after all, what satisfaction is there in that infinite progressium?   Let us remember the story of the Indian philosopher and his elephant. It was never more applicable than to the present subject. If the material world rests upon a similar ideal world, this ideal world must  rest upon some other; and so on, without end. It were better, therefore, never to look beyond the present material world."- Hume, 1779
"'Cause we are living in a material world and I am a material girl, you know that we are living in a material world and I am a material girl"-Madonna, 1985
However, everybody knows
it's turtles all the way down

“To be is to do”–Socrates.
“To do is to be”–Jean-Paul Sartre. 
“Do be do be do”–Frank Sinatra.

 Bisogna saper perdere. Il pesce che ci sfugge è sempre il più grosso. (Ned Land in Ventimila leghe sotto i mari -1954)